If you are looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place!  This page will contain various things to help inspire you to become your own muse.  Here you will find things such as: photographs, advice, personal experiences, step-by-steps, & random thoughts.  The goal is to get those creative juices flowin' fast

. . . 
 and deep! 
I recently went on an amazing trip to Ireland.  It's impossible to capture the country's true beauty on film, but I sure did try!  Take a look at these photos - what inspires you about them?  What kind of questions do they make you ask yourself?  Create something . . . anything.  I would love to know what you created as a result of your inspiration, so feel free to post!

Below is what I created based on the first photo's inspiration.  An array of green, blue, & yellow bookplates on iridescent paper.  They are 100% hand-stamped & hand-constructed.

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