Top 5 List // Best Technique Books on Colored Pencil

Lifelike Drawing in Colored Pencil with Lee Hammond | By Lee Hammond

Colored Pencil Painting Bible | By Alyona Nickelsen

The Ultimate Guide to the Colored Pencil | By Gary Greene

Masterful Color | By Arlene Steinberg

Painting Light with Colored Pencil | By Cecile Baird


Top 5 List // Best Gifts to Buy Any Artist

  1. A starter set of a top of the line (artist quality, NOT student quality) brand of their favorite medium. i.e. give a colored pencil artist a starter set of Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils.
    • Why? For the same reason you give your favorite wine-loving uncle the most expensive bottle you can afford – you know that he’ll appreciate it & you know that he’ll love you for it.  Top that off with the amazing time you know he will have, & your purchase has paid for itself with satisfaction.

  1. A photography book of their favorite subject matter.
    • Why? Everyone loves to look at pictures of things that they feel are beautiful or striking.  Not only will they adore the book for what it holds on its own, but they will find new inspiration in a subject they love which could take their work to an entirely new level.

3.     A top of the line (artist quality, NOT student quality) brand’s smallest set of a medium they’ve never tried or have only dabbled in lightly.
    • Why? Every creative loves every art or craft supply that resides on this planet.  However, love doesn’t necessarily mean relationship.  This gift may just make you the adored matchmaker of everlasting love between artist & medium.  And, if you turn out not to be, you know you’ve still successfully occupied this person with many cherished sessions of creative flow. . . and that’s priceless in itself!

4.     An Artist’s SOS Kit.  Think of it as a care package filled with “the right tools for the job”. i.e. erasing shield, low-tack tape, quality scissors, brush cleaner, ruler, pencil extender, vinyl eraser, painter’s tape, drafting brush, etc.
    • Why? As any artist knows (and at times wrongfully or ignorantly prides himself on), it can be a thrill to pull out those MacGyver-esqe devices to resolve all of his creative issues that reside on the technical side of things.  However, any artist, admittedly or not, would be tickled to have a kit full of “right” tools for such “jobs”.  Sorry, MacGyver.

5.     So, you were hoping that I would just say, “give them a gift card to their favorite supply store & call it a day!”?  Really?  Come on!  You can do better than that!
·       Why? am I actually about to say those words? You came here for ideas other than the obviousness of a gift card.  If you’re totally unsure of which of the above gifts to shower him or her with, then go ahead, get that gift card!  Just make sure it’s to a shop within reasonable distance & also has reasonable prices.  There is one catch though.   Wrap that gift card tight in a hard copy of my reviews post.  Read it, & you’ll not only learn a hidden secret about the artist in question (admit it, everyone loves a good intrigue from time to time), you’ll find that you’re doing them a fanciful favor ;) 

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  1. Very helpful article, Laura! Now I know exactly what to get my "artist friends" for birthdays!


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