Supply Reviews Are Coming SOON!

If you’re anything like me, you drive to the art or hobby store with a hankering like no other. This yearning is so strong that you can barely stand it. Every red light is far more annoying than usual because they seem to be deliberately standing in the way of your craving. And a serious craving it is. Yes, what you’re experiencing is the dire need for a creative fix. Minutes later, with your road rage in check, you finally arrive at your shop of choice. You know that two familiar questions will suddenly start to loiter in your mind via tiny voices. “Will I ever make it out of here?” Suddenly, that second voice chimes in, “Make it out of here? Ha, like you don’t wanna stay.” I’ve been known, & I have to assume you are known for this too, to spend an embarrassing amount of time in such shops. It’s okay. You’re not alone. Hopefully I can help you with this page. Instead of pondering for countless minutes (okay fine, hours) on which coveted treasures to bring to the checkout counter & how not to get caught with said treasures by your husband or wife, you’ll walk in with a goal & walk right back out with a goal. And you’ll still have the light of day to get started. Ahhh, you feel good… because that fix was better than ever. I ♥ art supplies.

To put it another way:

With this page, I hope to inform my fellow creative geniuses on books & supplies so that it’s easier to decide what to add to your creative toolboxes & libraries. Feel free to share your thoughts!


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